The Verandah bar is located on the north western side of the hotel, overlooking our beer garden and vertical plant wall. It has a very robust “outdoor” feeling, yet completely covered and heated. From casual dining seating, booth style arrangements, accommodating lounges and tall tables, we can come up with a configuration to suit your needs. With a large, modern bar featuring 9 beers on tap coupled with a comprehensive spirit and wine selection this location is suited to any style of function be it the celebration of a landmark birthday, product launch or just a carefree evening with a group of friends.

Capacity: 15 to 500 people
Menu: Platters or bistro menu
Beverage: On consumption bar tab, cash bar.
Facilities: Exclusive & private

Exclusive or reserved areas

Lounge seating

Dining seating

Exclusive bar (Large #’s only)

Deck seating

2 x 50″ & 3 x 42″ plasmas

In house music system with DJ input

DVD player

Disabled access (via lift)

Fully heated

Availability: Monday to Sunday, 10am till late.
Bookings: Groups or exclusive

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LFC part company with Dalglish


Search for new Manager begins immediately as owners pay tribute to ‘legend’ Dalglish

Fenway Sports Group (FSG) and Liverpool Football Club announced that Kenny Dalglish is to leave his post today as Manager after having his contract terminated.

After cheap jerseys from china a careful and deliberative review of the season, the Club came to the decision that a change was appropriate. It is not a decision that was reached lightly or hastily.

The search for a new Manager will begin immediately.

Principal owner John Henry was fulsome in his praise for the outgoing Manager.

“Kenny will always be more than a championship winning manager, more than a championship winning star player. He is in many ways the heart and soul of the club. He personifies everything that is good about Liverpool Football Club. He has always put the Club and its supporters first. Kenny will always be a part of the family at Anfield.

“Our job now is to identify and recruit the right person to take this Club forward and build on the strong foundations put in place during the last 18 months.”

Liverpool Chairman Tom Werner said it was a tough decision, but ultimately one that needed to be made.

“Kenny came into the Club as Manager at our request at a time when Liverpool Football Club really needed him. He didn’t ask to be Manager; he was asked to assume the role. He did so because he knew the Club needed him. He did more than anyone else to stabilize Liverpool over the past year and a half and to get us once again looking forward. We owe him a great debt of gratitude.

“However, results in the Premier League have been disappointing and we believe to build on the progress that has already been made, we need to make a change.

“We are committed to cheap nhl jerseys china delivering success for our supporters and our ambition remains resolute to return this great Club to the elite of England and Europe, where it belongs.”

Kenny Dalglish’s departure brings to an end his second spell at the Club where, as a player, he won numerous honours, including six English league titles and three European Cup trophies. As Manager he won three league titles, two FA Cups and of course this season, the Carling Cup.

Dalglish said he is proud to have served such a great Club.

“It has been an honour and a privilege to have had the chance to come back to Liverpool Football Club as Manager. I greatly appreciate the work that Steve, Kevin, the players and all of the staff put in during my time and feel proud that we delivered the Club’s first trophy in six years winning the Carling Cup and came close to a second trophy in the FA Cup Final. Of course I am disappointed with results in the league, but I would not have swapped the Carling Cup win for anything as I know how much it meant to our fans and the Club to be back winning trophies.

“Whilst I am obviously disappointed to be leaving the football club, I can say that the matter has been handled by the owners and all concerned in an honourable, respectful and dignified way and reflects on the quality of the people involved and their continued desire to move the football club forward in the same way as when they arrived here.

“I would like to thank all of the staff at the Club for their effort and loyalty. I said when first approached about coming back as Manager that I would always be of help if I can at any time and that offer remains the same.

“Finally, I want to put on record my heartfelt gratitude to Liverpool’s fans, who have always given cheap jerseys china me and the Club cheap jerseys their unwavering support. Without them neither the Club nor I would have achieved anything.”Articles Connexes:

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