Open till late every night, the Sports bar boasts 8 wide screen plasmas, equipped with the latest in racing and sports betting technology. Showing FOX Sports, Setanta, ESPN & Sky Racing, every local and international sporting event is televised. With three pool tables and a full range of beer and spirits, the Commercial Hotel Sports Bar is an ideal place to enjoy a drink and support your favourite team.


Incorporating 21 text screens, 2 terminals & 2 electronic betting terminals, our TAB has a professional level of service combined with all the latest racing and sports betting information, open till the last race of the day. Both indoor and outdoor areas feature large high definition screens with comprehensive form available on all races.

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Ten Ways to Judge a President

Corporate leaders in the United States often draw leadership lessons good and bad from the examples set by American presidents. But in looking to the White House, it important to recognize that history take on presidential performance is subject to change, according to presidential historian Richard Norton Smith, who spoke at a recent Wharton Leadership Conference. He offered 10 rules for presidential evaluations that stand the test of time.

For example, he said, Dwight D. Eisenhower was considered something of a do nothing president, ranking below Chester A. Arthur, during the dynamic Camelot era of wholesale nhl jerseys John F. Kennedy. In contrast to the PR driven Kennedy, Eisenhower used to say, job of the president is to persuade, not to publicize. Indeed, the Supreme Commander of the Normandy invasion was so subtle and self effacing as president that historians judged him mediocre.

Nearly 50 years after Eisenhower left office, however, scholars are revising their opinions. His presidential papers revealed a skilled political operator who worked quietly behind the scenes, but was driven by policy, organization and intellectual rigor. out of Vietnam in 1954, reasoning with prescience that the cost of war in Southeast Asia would far outweigh any strategic benefits.

is no single rule for assessing presidential performance said Smith, who addressed the recent 13th Annual Wharton Leadership Conference, co sponsored by the Center for Human Resources and the Center for Leadership Change Management. illustrates better than anyone the need for each generation to revisit its assumptions in light of new evidence, the performance of succeeding presidents and the perspective that comes with time.

have been revising their estimates of presidents for as long as we have had presidents, said Smith, who has published biographies of Thomas E. Dewey, Herbert Hoover and George Washington, and is the presidential scholar in residence at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. People forget that the revered Washington in fact an enormously controversial president who was burned in effigy and denounced as a of the Revolution while he was in office.

Bouts of historical revisionism and counter revisionism explain why assessments of the nation leaders around like corn in a popper, Smith said. For example, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., the Kennedy and Nixon historian, favored presidencies with charismatic leaders promoting a more powerful federal government, exemplified by Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt. A more nuanced approach, evaluating leaders in the context of their time rather than in hindsight, has kindled reappraisals of Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and even Calvin Coolidge all of whom tended to be underrated because they were modest advocates for a more limited role for government.

presidents who promise freedom from government Thomas Jefferson, Coolidge and Reagan as legitimate in their own cheap nhl jerseys time and place as cheap authentic jerseys the presidents who, in effect, promise freedom through government the Roosevelts, Woodrow Wilson and Lyndon Johnson, Smith said. can take a Coolidge seriously now, something you couldn do before Ronald Reagan. Rules to Judge a President

Smith offered his personal list of rules to judge a president as a more objective approach avoiding the distorting effects of changing societal values, such as the pro government activism of the New Deal and the 1960s:

1) History rewards the risk takers. The list of presidents and the bold initiatives that pushed them up in the rankings are obvious, including Thomas Jefferson (the Louisiana Purchase), Harry Truman (stopping Communist aggression in Korea), Lyndon Johnson (Civil Rights Act of 1964), and Richard Nixon (dialogue with Red China).

But risk taking does not always conform to our notion of a agenda setting executive that began with Teddy Roosevelt 100 years ago. doing nothing is the most difficult form of leadership of all, Smith said. Bush diplomatic refusal, despite strong pressure, to attend photo opp of the century, the destruction of the Berlin Wall that symbolized Soviet domination of Eastern Europe.

not rubbing Mikhail Gorbachev nose in the humiliation of the demise of the Soviet empire, he made it possible for Gorbachev to go along with a peaceful integration of Germany and for the Soviet Union to support Bush coalition in the First Gulf War, Smith said, noting that few would have predicted Soviet acquiescence to these American initiatives.

2) A president who actively campaigns for his historical place is engaged in a self defeating exercise. Warren G. Harding hoped to be best loved president and came to office in a landslide victory after promising a to Normalcy following World War I. In the end, Harding couldn extricate his administration from the Teapot Dome bribery scandal and quickly fell into obscurity, widely ranked among the worst presidents.

Smith said he found it disturbing that Bill Clinton pondered his legacy aloud with former advisor Dick Morris, who later wrote a memoir that included critical observations of the former president. According to Morris book, Clinton wondered if the fact that he had not led the nation during a time of war would diminish his ranking among the presidents. Surprisingly, reputation and the significance of his presidency have risen significantly, Smith said. presidency is being weighed, as each president is ultimately, against his successors in this case, against George W. Bush record of war, deficit and economic crisis.

Clinton most important legacy may be his success in the Democratic Party to the middle of the road to a point where it had fiscal credibility and a muscular foreign policy, without surrendering its fundamental social justice principles, Smith said.

3) There is no single theory of presidential success. Proponents of the presidency as a prerequisite for greatness often cite Teddy Roosevelt concept of stewardship: president was free to do anything he wanted that was not expressly forbidden by the Constitution, Smith said. He offered an alternative theory valuing presidents who viewed stewardship as protecting taxpayers and who did not seek power by expanding government a theory underlying reappraisals of Coolidge, Truman and Ford.

Derided as Cal (Dorothy Parker, when informed of his death in 1933, famously asked: could they tell? Coolidge deserves reappraisal his authenticity as much for his wholesale jerseys china ideology, Smith said. An introvert who battled with shyness, Coolidge was matched by his canniness He created a public persona that held the world at bay while allowing him to indulge in a humor as sharp as Vermont cheddar. Coolidge honesty and lack of an overpowering ego should be all the more valued in an age so much of our public life is riddled by fakery, when candidates without ideas hire consultants without scruples, Smith said. lack of a better word, I would say that Coolidge was grounded, exhibiting a strength of character that he said Truman, Ford and Reagan also possessed.

4) Presidents can only be understood within the context, conventions and limitations of their time. Invariably ranked among the greatest presidents, the populist Andrew Jackson fell from grace during the time period when historians realized that millions of Americans women, blacks and Native Americans had been politically or economically marginalized. Social activism led to a revisionist view that the lens through which we viewed Jacksonian America. Smith argues for a more objective approach in dealing with the past, understand someone in the context of their own time and not make the mistake of applying our conventions to an earlier time. Those who judge presidents do not have license to simply dismiss earlier generations; instead, obligation is ours to try to understand them.

5) If presidents are governed by any law beyond the Constitution, it is the law of unintended consequences. Although Woodrow Wilson wanted to be the father of the freedom, his idealistic vision was overtaken by the massive increase in government regulation and spending required by World War I. his second term, events beyond his control overwhelmed him. Foreign war, domestic upheaval, shameful outbreaks of racial and ethnic intolerance mocked his idealism and reordered his priorities, Smith said. Broadcasting fireside chats to generate hope through the New Deal, Roosevelt banked credit and credibility that he used throughout his presidency to win support for creating the modern social welfare state. Similarly, Reagan gained enormous influence through his response to the assassination attempt in 1981. legend began when millions saw a side of Reagan they never knew existed the jokes that he cracked [and] the grace that he displayed, Smith said.

7) The president requires a talent for making useful enemies. History most admired presidencies were often locked in struggles with adversaries who gave them power. and Reagan had a genius for exploiting their opponents, whether European dictators in the 1930s or the Evil Empire that haunted [Reagan], Smith said.

8) Every great president marches to the beat of his own drummer. Reagan personified the principle that great leaders essentially mysterious figures, with capabilities not fully understood. Reagan national security adviser, Robert McFarlane, remarked: knows so little and accomplishes so much. Franklin Roosevelt, having rescued democratic capitalism, all but immune from right wing attacks accusing him of Stalinesque power abuses. Lincoln was called an dictator for suspending habeas corpus barring unlawful detention, but Americans never doubted his belief that he had to suspend one clause in order to save the rest of the Constitution.

10) Greatness, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Social and economic conservatism had their heyday under Reagan, demonstrated when Clinton declared the era of big government was over and produced balanced budgets. But the Reagan consensus that were sacred and Street invariably knew better than government regulators has been repudiated, least provisionally, by the financial crisis that led to Democratic sweeps of Congress and the presidency. of that is up for grabs, Smith said, although it too soon to predict what will replace age of Reagan.

How will historians rank George W. Bush? Much will depend on what happens in the Middle East, where two unresolved wars continue to weigh on his legacy. 30 years from now there is some semblance of stability and democracy, then deservedly or not, historians may take a very different view of the Bush presidency, Smith noted. Still, he doubted that Bush reputation would undergo the dramatic reappraisal that has benefited Eisenhower. don know whether, when we look at the Bush papers, we discover the same surprising wisdom, sophistication and concealed gifts that we now associate with Eisenhower.Articles Connexes:

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