The freshest beer in Western Sydney

Carlton Draught fresh beer tanks, now at Commercial Hotel!

With the warmer months fast approaching, there is nothing better than a cold fresh beer, right?

What about beer, fresh, tasty and unpasteurised, direct from the Carlton Draught tank? The Commercial Hotel is the only venue in Western Sydney offering this pristine beer, direct from the tank.

The venue receives a weekly beer delivery, which is pumped direct from Carlton Draught trucks into the three brand new copper tanks.

This beer is by far the tastiest you will ever experience, and most definitely fills a gap in the Western Sydney market, and we are proud to have the highest quality  beer available. unpasteurised

Offering fresh and unpasteurised tank beer is not common practice in most venues. We’re proud to be pouring the best tasting beer, delivered untouched and direct from the brewery.

Beer enthusiasts can now experience flavours of the freshest, smoothest and creamiest tasting beer, this is often only experienced by the brewers themselves.

On the food front, you can go past the traditional pub menu. Burgers and steaks dominate the menu, although there are some beer friendly items you must try! Why not match a fresh tank beer with a fresh seafood plate, mixed grill or tasty salt and pepper squid.

Patrons are spoilt for choice, not only in the city, but in the Western suburbs as well. From large, entertainment complexes to small stylish bars, patrons want new experiences within nice venues. The hotel has undergone a huge renovation, which includes a stunning, sun filled beer garden with a 3.5 metre big screen, sports bar, purpose built function space (lounge bar) and wrap around verandah bar, there really is something to suit every type of patron. But, after discussions with Carlton United Breweries, we felt the patrons would greatly benefit from this unique concept”, says Hotel Licensee, Jason Ryan.

The Commercial Hotel is the kind of venue which becomes your local, not only for the stunning space, but also the food, and great offerings available. Open 7 days, and can be found at 2 Hassall Street, Parramatta

Take a peek at The Commercial Hotel, and the shiny new tanks on social media:

Instagram @Commercialhotelparramatta


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